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In What Ways are Viagra and Generic Viagra Different?

When a man is incapable of getting or holding erection during sexual intercourse, it turns out to be quite frustrating. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a very complex process and caused due to some abnormal effects in

  • brain,
  • emotions,
  • hormones,
  • blood vessels, and
  • nerves

When any one of these parts gets affected, it might cause problems in getting an erection. Physical and psychological problems, together can lead to impotence.

The most important hormone of a man’s body is testosterone. This is a steroid that is responsible for the development of the sexual characteristics of men. If a man has low level of this hormone then it can lead to low sexual drive and erectile dysfunction.

How to treat Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction?

There are various ways by which you can treat erectile dysfunction. One such way is to use medication. The most common medicine of erectile dysfunction is Viagra. Masculinity is a major issue for every man. Thus, erectile dysfunction can be a serious problem for them.

You will find an overwhelming number of products in the market which are supposed to treat impotence in men. One of the popular companies, Pfizer, released a product in 1998 which turned out to be very effective as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Several men were satisfied with the product. As a matter of fact, the sales doubled the profit of the company in that same year. This product was a patent of the company and is named Viagra.


Brand Viagra versus Generic Viagra

When a pharmaceutical company receives the patent for this drug, no other company can produce the same drug for that period. Once the patent period is over, other companies will have the license and privilege to manufacture and market the drug. The drug that is produced by the original company is called the brand drug and while those produced by others, with same chemical components is called generic drug.

Not all erectile dysfunction patients have the good fortune of using Viagra. This is because you need to have some significant amount of money to purchase Viagra on a regular basis. My Canadian Pharmacy generic Viagra had been introduced for the same reason.

  • The price of branded Viagra is very high while on the other hand generic Viagra has a very low price making generic Viagra more cost effective.  As companies producing Canadian generic Viagra do not have bear any investment and any other costs of surveys, research, manufacturing, promotion, and marketing because Pfizer has already paved the path for them.
  • Brand Viagra is marketed under a certain trade name by a group of pharmacies. On the other hand generic Viagra from My Canadian Pharmacy is available to you under different trade names and is also sold worldwide.
  • The purity, dosage, contraindications, quality, performance, and indications are exactly the same in brand Viagra and Canadian generic Viagra. Both the drugs have been approved by FDA and treat the problem with same safety. The general difference between the two drugs comes in its price and its looks. They might look different but they have the same type of ingredient.

Observations of COPD and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Hospitalizations and Mortality

Observations of COPD and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Hospitalizations and Mortality

The main finding of this study was that persons with diagnosed and treated COPD identified in this large integrated health-care population had a higher risk of incident hospitalization and mortality for each of the CVD end points studied, relative to age-matched and gender-matched control subjects. All rates for CVD end points were substantially higher in case patients than in control subjects, most notably so for CHF. Relative to the control subjects, the prevalence of baseline medical conditions was particularly high for asthma and for CHF.

The findings of higher incidences of hospitalization for and mortality from cardiovascular end points in COPD patients may be, in part, due to the higher prevalence of preexisting CVD in the COPD patients. However, the restriction of our analyses to those persons without known preexisting CVD did not substantively alter the RRs for any of the end points examined. We controlled in our analyses for some of the known CVD risk factors, including high BP, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. While these risk factors were more prevalent in the COPD case group than in the control group, controlling for them attenuated, but did not eliminate, the increased risk of CVD end points associated with COPD. Thus, COPD was a risk factor for CVD end points regardless of whether or not CVD comorbidity was present at baseline and traditional risk factors explained some, but not all, of the increased risk of CVD end points in patients with COPD (you can to learn about COPD here). However, our databases did not include information on smoking, which is an important risk factor for both CVD and COPD, nor did we have data on body mass index. Cigarette smoking is the most powerful predictor of COPD and is also an important risk factor for CVD. Although it could […]

Output of COPD and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Hospitalizations and Mortality Provided by My Canadian Pharmacy

Output of COPD and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Hospitalizations and Mortality Provided by My Canadian Pharmacy

We identified a total of 45,966 persons, age > 40 years who satisfied the case definition for COPD. The gender and age distribution of case patients and control subjects are shown in Table 1. Fifty-five percent of the case patients were men. The mean age of case patients and control subjects was 64.4 years (SD, 12.2 years).

The prevalence at baseline of comorbidities in case patients and control subjects is shown in Table 2. The COPD case group had a higher prevalence of each of the comorbid conditions. The most striking prevalence differences between the case and control groups were for a concomitant diagnosis of asthma (40.0% vs 2.6%, respectively; odds ratio [OR], 24.71; 95% confidence interval [CI], 23.27 to 26.24), CHF (7.2% vs 0.9%, respectively; OR, 8.48; 95% CI, 7.65 to 9.40), and atrial fibrillation (4.7% vs 1.1%, respectively; OR, 4.41; 95% CI, 4.00 to 4.87).

Osteochondrosis Treatment with My Canadian Pharmacy

Osteochondrosis Treatment with My Canadian Pharmacy

Osteochondrosis vertebralis is a disease caused by bony and cartilaginous tissue of cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine. For the first time at progressing of disease the central part of spinal disk is known as vertebral pulp. Because of this axis loses part of its retractible properties and at fibrous ring thinnings and splits form. As a result of progressing osteochondrosis leads to fibrous ring bursting as a consequence of which is considered to be spinal disc herniation. Unstability of spine may lead to constant pain at the damaged area. Growing older we feel backache more frequent, it is the result of tissue thinning because of osteochondrosis. People over 30 years old suffer from osteochondrosis twice often in comparison with young people but osteochondrosis may be treated with preparations sold by My Canadian Pharmacy

The Reasons of Osteochondrosis

The provocative factors of osteochondrosis are considered to be back traumas or systematically back loading at physically hard working. Early manifestations of osteochondrosis symptoms are caused by poor physical development, platypodia or excess weight. There is also genetic predisposition to friable structure of intervertebral disks and anomalies of backbone structure. In respect of backbone health also intensive trainings in the sports hall with violation of the rules of distribution of back loading, a sedentary life and improper feeding are adverse.

My Canadian Pharmacy Shopping Online

My Canadian Pharmacy Shopping Online

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Online Pharmacy

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Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Earned

Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Earned

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Novant Medical Group (NMG), a network that contains more than 1,000 physicians and more than 1,400 suppliers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, now has 32 methodics that have been assigned by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. This denomination gives voice that the methodic has satisfied a set of NCQA state standards designed to enhance health through the put in correspondence arrangement of patient care. Patient care may be provided via My Canadian Pharmacy.

The notion of a “medical home,” or well-organized method to patient care, was established in 1967 by the American Academy of Pediatrics and paid a lot attention to care of children with special demands. It has recently obtained renovative attention as part of the state discussion on healthcare reform, as Americans look for ways to have access to quality, effective medical care, while at the same time defining capabilities to reduce their costs and be as save and sound.

Forsyth Medical Center Affiliated Physician Practices Attain Perfect Quality Score in National Medicare Project to Improve Quality & Lower Costs

Forsyth Medical Center Affiliated Physician Practices Attain Perfect Quality Score in National Medicare Project to Improve Quality & Lower Costs

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) declared today that the group of physician methodics consolidated with Forsyth Medical Center (FMC) has contested a wonderful quality score in the fifth year of a national Physician Group Practice (PGP) projection created to exhibit that enhancing quality through the accommodation of care can assits lower costs. The FMC group consists of 120 physician methodics through the Triad that are a member of the Novant Medical Group (NMG) and one of only 10 physician methodics groups along the country to take part in the projection.

Physician methodics groups chose for the projection brought into focus on quality measures to enhance total care for patients with diabetes, heart failure, coronary artery disease and hypertension, as well as measures to improve preventive care. The FMC group of practices attained 53 of the 53 possible quality points in the fifth year of the demonstration project. Lower prices on drugs for mentioned above diseases treatment are available on My Canadian Pharmacy.

In accordance to Nan Holland, Novant Medical Group’s senior headman for clinical prowess, the FMC group of methodics has played a leading role in quality scores for all five years of the project and has achieved 96-100 percent of all quality measures each year of the demonstration. Additionally, the group was consistently the lowest-cost supplier among all participating groups.

VHA Recognizes Novant Health Facilities for Outstanding Quality of Care

VHA Recognizes Novant Health Facilities for Outstanding Quality of Care

WINSTON-SALEM, NC – Annualy the VHA defines member establishments that have distinguished themselves by exhibiting outstanding performance levels in clinical prowess. This year, three Novant benefits top the VHA winners list of the 2011 VHA Leadership Award for Clinical Excellence.

Forsyth Medical Center, Presbyterian Hospital and Rowan Regional Medical Center were among 28 hospitals within nation, and the only hospitals in the Carolinas, enquired for reaching top performance in clinical care methods and HCAHPS. This acknowledgement is founded on a comparison of 2008 and 2009 success in the areas of acute myocardial infarction (AMI), heart failure (HF), pneumonia (PN) and surgical care improvement (SCIP). All these diseases may treated if you make an order via My Canadian Phamacy.

While Medical Park Hospital were on the top dessiatine on both the clinical indicators (SCIP) and HCAHPS, the hospital is not competent for VHA acknowledgement. It is a specialty hospital that does not publish scores in all four care clinical categories as obligatory by VHA for to gain this award.